Why Carbon Fiber?

Though we do work in several composite materials, almost every product we make for customers is made from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is our material of choice because of it’s light weight, strength and stiffness. We work closely with customers to properly engineer a schedule of materials suite’d to the intended use of what is being engineered.

Carbon fiber is a very relative term until you begin to qualify the specific materials you intend to use. There are differing grades of fiber made from various precursors with different processes. All aerospace grade carbon fiber is PAN based or polyacrylonitrile. These fibers are bundled into yarns or tow to be used in weaving various styles of fabrics or cloth.

We have contacts with the largest suppliers of carbon fabrics and we are familiar with the technical fabrics they offer. We have worked with Hexcel, Toray, Toho-Tenax and Vectorply among others.

Just as important as the fabric is the selection of resin to be used in manufacturing a composite laminate. The majority of the composites we produce are epoxy based. It is necessary to choose a resin system based on the mechanical properties your composite parts are designed for. Contact us to discuss your composites needs and how our experience can help improve your results.